Saturday, March 13, 2010

Almost a Year!

So, I guess we're really terrible at this blogging thing. Nobody has complained yet so I guess that's good, or it means no one reads it, which is fine too.

So, I guess not a lot has been going, but how can I say that when it seems like we're always so busy! At this moment I SHOULD be doing probably a hundred different things, but I've been thinking about the blog a lot lately for some reason so I figured maybe I could at least say I crossed this off my list.

So lately:


Got a great internship here:


Working for writer/producer/music supervisor Ralph Sall.

He originally went there to learn about Music Supervision, which is what he wants to do, but Ralph is kind of a "Jack of all trades" in the music/movie industry so he's actually learning a lot more. The company is responsible for some of the music on the following:


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Encino Man

Addams Family Values



Billy Madison


The Craft

Can't Hardly Wait

10 Things I Hate About You

Mean Girls

Because I Said So

Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past

… and that's only a FEW of the projects they've worked on!

He LOVES it and looks forward to going everyday.

He's also back to being an Inventory Supervisor at Borders in Northridge. He's amazing at it! He did so well in that department at the Valencia store, hopefully he likes it just as much at this one. I kinda know he will.
He's ALSO (he's quite the busy bee) going to school. He's taking Math with me (THANK GOODNESS!) at College oF The Canyons.

I (Jessica)

Still work here:

But also work here:

as a Substitute Special Education Instructional Assistant.

I'm learning SO much every time I work! It's great!

Going to school here:

(Yes I know, I'll never leave)

I'm working on the 20 year plan.

(since the 10 year plan has almost come up and I'm STILL there – glad I started early in HS!)

I'm sure I've missed some things but, hopefully I'll be more diligent in my blogging and can fill you in later!

That's all for now, folks! Hope you have a happy, safe weekend!