Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Babies!

Our first child, Mia, was an orphan that was found through our friend. We adopted her and we could not be happier. She does have a couple bad habits but with some outside help, we're working through them as a family. Her favorite toy is the green frog seen in the photo below. Unfortunately, we've had to replace "froggy" due to the amount of extra love Mia has for him. If you see a frog like the one below (we've only seen them at target) please notify us immediately as we need to keep a steady supply. Mia's most recent issue to date is jealousy over her new born brother, Uno.

Uno, our second and most recent addition was aptly named shortly after birth. At 12 weeks, he is quite the climber. He has managed to get himself in some sticky situations with his half brother Sanchez. Currently, he is having trouble gaining the attention of his sister Mia. For some reason, Mia only shows him love when no one is watching. This saddens Uno as he only wishes to have a sister who loves him all the time. Hopefully these conflicts will be resolved in the near future. We'll keep you updated.